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Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms

You know what you want to invest in, where and when. So we’ve invested in advanced technology, to give you the access and flexibility you need to implement your investment strategy.

A multi-asset, cross-collateralised trading platform giving our clients total control.

Phoenix was developed to utilise superior capabilities, giving our clients greater control over their efficient use of capital, as well as enabling them to view all holdings from one screen, across a wide range of asset classes. With the ability to trade equities, Phoenix allows you to research, create, and protect multiple portfolios by utilising live streaming multi-market data, along with comprehensive technical analysis and fundamental company data.

Why use Phoenix?

  • Access to live streaming data on global equity markets
  • Access to live prices on major futures and option exchanges
  • Free to use fundamental and technical research
  • Streaming news feeds
  • Access to 3rd party research