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ETHetc – Ethereum Exchange traded crypto (ticker: ZETH) tracks the price of Ethereum
Available through ITI Capital
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ETHetc provides access, to invest in Ethereum - the core technology powering the cryptocurrency world in a secure and efficient way.

You don’t need a crypto wallet, ETHetc trades like any other stock or share.

  • Gain access to Ethereum via our brokerage account. You can buy ETHetc via your existing brokerage account at ITI Capital or open an account with us!
  • Don’t have a trading account? Sign up with ITI Capital and start trading with our state of the art trading platform
  • ITI Capital is an Authorised Participant for ETHetc, meaning ITI can facilitate the Creation and Redemption of ETHetc, as opposed to merely offering trading via the listed market
  • ETHetc trades like a security on the regulated stock exchange. It’s time for transparency and no hidden fees like on unregulated “crypto-exchanges”
  • ITI is an FCA regulated prime broker that can give block trade access to ETHetc

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  • TER
  • Cryptocurrency Entitlement Per Security Ether
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* Important Note: Values might be outdated the moment you are viewing this website. For accurate pricing information on Bitcoin or price of the securities please refer to other official sources.
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Why ETHetc?

Listed on regulated exchange
XETRA is one of the most important exchanges in Europe. You can buy and sell ETHetc like any other stock
100% German, with all the perks “Top tier Security”
With the prospectus approved by the German regulator BaFin, ETHetc has been securely and efficiently structured. Insured by Lloyds of London syndicate and overseen by APEX as a trustee
Physically backed with actual
Ethereum is stored in institutional-grade custody, and you can at any time redeem your units of ETHetc for Ethereum if you want to
Low management fee
The 1.49%p.a. management fee covers all investor protection mechanisms put in place by the ETHetc issuer
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