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Multi-Asset and Digital Assets Financing
Customised insight and a one-stop solution for execution, borrowing, portfolio enhancement and financing.
Plus, repo financing solutions on equities, ETFs, fixed income securities, commodities, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets
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ITI is your Partner for Tomorrow’s World

We aim to be the Number One Partner for clients prioritising efficient trading solutions and profitable, responsible investment solutions beyond the usual confines.

We observe that opportunities in global mega-trends like Technology, Healthcare and Retail can often be more compelling in Emerging Markets across a range of instruments.

Our global team has multi-decade experience across all traditional asset classes in Developed and Emerging markets. We provide access, leverage and risk-management to over 100 markets and provide vanilla and structured multi-asset solutions from Equity Financing and Execution, Commodity Trade Financing, FX Hedging, Structured Products and Digital Asset Solutions.

Our Services

A respected financial technology and multi-asset agency execution provider for the world’s most dynamic and innovative institutions, all focusing on the generation and/or protection of Alpha. Attention to delivering outstanding customer service, technology and best execution solutions specialising in both European emerging and developed markets.

Our suite of services include

Global Direct
Electronic Access

Institutions are executing a steadily increasing proportion of business on a low touch basis via direct market access solutions. At ITI Capital we apply state-of-the-art technology to provide a range of direct market access solutions to numerous markets and liquidity venues.

Asset Class Coverage

  • Global Equities
  • Exchange Listed Derivatives

Securities Financing

Stock Borrowing and Lending

Equity lending involves the lending of an equity position to a borrower versus some form of collateral at an agreed upon margin and interest rate for the term of the loan. The Sales and Trading desk offers a global product solution to our clients. We can provide clients with customised insight and a one-stop solution for execution, borrowing, portfolio enhancement and financing.

Repo and Reverse Repo

Repurchase agreements, commonly referred to as ‘repos’, are contracts involving the simultaneous sale and future repurchase of an asset. Trading under a GMRA (Global Master Repurchase Agreement), ITI Capital can offer repo financing solutions on equities, ETF’s and fixed income securities issued in a wide variety of markets.

Structured Products


Providing access to a wide range of exchange traded derivatives (ETDs) as well as a full range of services customised to client's needs via over-the-counter derivatives (OTCs).

Using OTC Derivatives allows clients to tailor make any investment or hedging strategy and achieve desirable pay off. We leverage our in-depth market knowledge and our extensive network to serve our clients.

We can perform deals in various jurisdictions and forms based on ISDA documentation.

Corporate Hedging

We have expertise to design innovative derivative based hedging strategies for corporate clients including FX and Interest Rate hedging, Commodity hedging strategies that would allow to optimise their exposure to market and credit risk. Our products range from simple forward and option based strategies to a combination of multiple derivatives to allow a tailor made solution. Our team can guide you on the process of choosing your hedging strategy including help in historical and forward looking analysis.

Structured Notes

Structured Notes allow investors to take customised exposure to a particular asset class depending on the clients preferences, investment objectives and risk appetite.

Our structuring team identifies trade ideas which are then tailored to meet clients objectives. We work with third party issuers as well as can issue custom made Structured Notes to meet client specific investment idea.

Our team of experts may structure any kind of payoff and exposure and is able to provide embedded leverage and structure any degree of capital protection.

Special Situations

Providing services for special situations, such as the securitisation of your assets, access to financing and leverage via special purpose vehicles and repackaging.

We are happy to listen to your specific needs and provide you services for other special situations be it securitisation of your assets, access to financing and leverage via special purpose vehicles and repackaging. We help clients access alternative investment solutions via securitising commodity trade finance deals and other market neutral optimisation strategies. If you have a trade in mind but not sure how to implement it our team of experts will be happy to search for a solution for you on both asset and liability sides. Whilst we offer bespoke investment and hedging solutions, our main objective is to build long lasting relationships with our clients.

Research and Analysis

  • Proprietary and bespoke Thematic Reviews
  • Model Portfolio
  • Technical Analysis
  • Investment recommendations
Dealing and customer service
+44 (0) 20 3889 8333