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ITI Capital launches IPO and Secondary Placing investment service
ITI Capital launches IPO and Secondary Placing investment service
04 March 2021
ITI Group appoints Stephen Hawksworth as Group CEO
01 March 2021
London, UK, 1.03.2021 — ITI Group, an emerging markets-focused financial services firm, today announces the appointment of Stephen Hawksworth as its new Group CEO
ITI Group and ITI Capital (UK) announces new appointments
03 February 2021
ITI Group, an emerging markets-focused financial services firm, today announced three new appointments. New experts joined both the ITI Group and the ITI Capital (UK) team at the beginning of December
ITI Capital appoints Steve Kelso as Head of Capital Markets
22 July 2020
Kelso is an expert in capital markets and digital assets, and will be bringing a wealth of expertise in cryptocurrency to ITI Capital, on top of 24-years experience in building trading businesses and hedge funds at leading investment firms
ITI Capital has become a trading member of AIX
29 June 2020
Astana International Exchange (“AIX”, “Exchange”) is pleased to announce that UK-based international financial services company ITI Capital has become a trading member of AIX
Russian upcoming dividends to trigger record inflow of investments this summer
11 June 2020
The high season is traditionally expected in July
UK-Based international financial services company, ITI Capital, acquires client book from SVS Securities
08 June 2020
SVS Securities clients, who previously could only trade in LSE stocks, will now have a global selection of asset classes to choose from, including FX trading, and pricing will remain competitive to what was previously paid at SVS
ITI Capital: Global market analysis and future trends and investment ideas
04 June 2020
The market has almost fully recovered over two months, while back in 2008 it took five years to get back to the level it was before the slump
MTS: defensive stock with healthy dividends
28 May 2020
MTS 1Q20 IFRS revenue was above consensus
Bank of Russia pulls out liquidity bazooka to support interbank market
25 May 2020
The CBR has reiterated its commitment to further monetary policy easing
Best-performing defensive stocks on U.S. equity market
15 May 2020
Our portfolio of U.S. countercyclical stocks (healthcare and biopharma) since January 30 is up by 129.31% in U.S. dollars, while S&P 500 is down by 10.42%
MSCI global equity rebalancing: Erase and Rewind
15 May 2020
On May 12, MSCI announced the results of the May 2020 Semi-Annual Index Review for the MSCI Equity Indices, all changes will be implemented as of the close of May 29, 2020
ITI Capital: Suspension of dividends in response to crisis (Global markets + Russia)
13 May 2020
Companies all over the world cut or cancel dividend payouts, especially financial (banks and insurance agencies) and state-owned companies in line with recommendations from governments and central banks
OFZ: Safe haven 2020
30 April 2020
OFZ has become the first Russian asset to return to pre-crisis levels due to CBR’s new dovish policy, which triggered both demand from local players and an inflow of non-residents in spite of the oil rout
Russia: CB cut the rate by 50 bps, making official shift to dovish monetary policy
28 April 2020
The CBR has cut the rate by 50 bps, to 5.5% (the lowest level since before 2014 sanctions) and will continue further easing, officially shifting from neutral to dovish policy despite the risks of an inflation pick-up this year due to the rouble weakness
Transneft’s free-float increased: when the new indicator be reflected in the index review?
24 April 2020
The Moscow Stock Exchange has upgraded the free float factor of Transneft preferred shares to 37%. This decision was made on April 16, 2020 following the Moscow Exchange Index Committee meeting
ITI Capital: Bank of Russia may deliver a 25-bps rate cut
23 April 2020
Nabiullina's tone has not changed and remains dovish. Essentially, size of the cut - 50 or 25 bps - at the 24 April meeting is the only thing that is left unknown. Therefore, the OFZ market welcomed the soft tone and extended gains
ITI Capital: Impact of oil rout on the Russian economy and the rouble
23 April 2020
Oil prices have tumbled by more than 74% year-to-date. Before the expiration on April 21, May futures fell as low as -$40/bbl, i.e. the futures’ sellers had to pay the buyers due to excess supply. Prices on June futures are declining, dropping by more than 11%, to $17/bbl, to the lows of March 1999
New rules of the oil market
17 April 2020
The latest deal establishes a new mechanism for balancing the oil market. We are not inclined to overestimate the ability of a broader OPEC++ alliance to impact oil prices in the long run due to differences in interests of the agreement parties
TMK: share buyback, likely delisting
09 April 2020
On April 8, TMK (TRMK RX) stocks rose by more than 20%, as the company decided to delist its global depositary receipts (GDRs) from the London Stock Exchange (LSE), while the Board of Directors announced its plan to buy back some of the ordinary shares
CBR: new rescue package and money market overview
07 April 2020
On April 3, Russia’s Central Bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina held an important news briefings. The regulator will start holding them every Friday at 14:00 Moscow time with a focus on money market performance, macroeconomics and effects from implementation of stimulus measures
ITI Capital: Outflow from MSCI Russia may top $300 mln in May
03 April 2020
MSCI semi-annual global indices review takes place after markets close on May 12 (following calculation period in April 20-30). The effective date is June 1, 2020. Major changes are expected in May, which will affect certain stocks and the entire MSCI Russia
Aragvi posted moderately positive financials for the 1H2020 ended 31.12.2019
02 April 2020
Aragvi holding (Trans-Oil group), Moldova’s largest agro-producer, recently posted IFRS financials for six months ended 31 December 2019 followed by the conference-call
ITI Capital: Bank of Russia: to cut or not cut, that is the question!
20 March 2020
On Friday, March 20, Russia’s Central Bank is set to take one of the toughest and unpredictable decisions. The move should contribute to monetary and fiscal stimulus, given that the pandemic crisis is weighing on both supply and demand
ITI Capital: Why the global bear market is likely to last?
18 March 2020
We believe that the global financial climate is likely to deteriorate further, but the decline is expected to be patchy. Against this backdrop, the US markets (S&P 500) may slide by another 15% from current levels
ITI Capital: Why USDRUB won’t strengthen to 75?
13 March 2020
We believe that the market has passed the first bottom, but we do not rule out another much slower decline. Against this backdrop, it is already possible to open some long positions in the Russian equities
Fed’s cut: shot in the air, how soon UST yields to fall below 0%?
13 March 2020
The Federal Reserve slashed interest rates by 50 bps to 1-1.25% in the first such emergency move since the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis
Metinvest (B3/B/BB-): weak 2019 financial results. Negative for the group's Eurobonds
10 March 2020
Metinvest B.V., the parent company of steel producer Metinvest, has released its audited IFRS consolidated financial statements for the 12 months ended 31 December 2019. The results look rather weak, reflecting a material deterioration of the credit profile in July-December 2019
ITI Capital took part in Macedonia's economic forum
28 January 2020
An economic forum held in the city of Skopje, Northern Macedonia, on 23 January 2020 brought together representatives of the republic’s financial elite.
ITI Capital organizational changes
30 April 2019
ITI Capital (London) announces the following organisational changes effective April 2019
ITI Capital ranked among the 500 fastest-growing technology companies
11 December 2017
ITI Capital (JSC IC IT Invest) was ranked 220th in the Technology Fast 500™ ranking of the 500 fastest-growing technology companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa (Technology Fast 500™ for EMEA) prepared by Deloitte in 2017.