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ITI Capital took part in Macedonia's economic forum

28 January 2020
ITI Capital took part in Macedonia's economic forum

An economic forum held in the city of Skopje, Northern Macedonia, on 23 January 2020 brought together representatives of the republic’s financial elite.

The event was attended by some 90 industry professionals, including CEOs of major banks, insurance companies, financial associations, the Macedonian Exchange and the Central Bank of Macedonia.

Nikolai Dontsov, COO of ITI Group, presented ITI Capital and its potential in the Russian and international financial markets. Nikolai and representatives of ITI Group partners, Concord Asset Management, Bulgaria, spoke about the prospects Macedonia may face if the republic enters international financial markets.

“We can make that happen through a simple and easy tool - ETF on the Macedonian index which includes the republic’s top-10 companies”, says ITI Group COO Nikolai Dontsov. “The move will help to attract foreign investment into the republic and increase liquidity of the Macedonian market.”

“Our proposal to launch an ETF drew a positive response from the forum’s participants, and we’ve started to prepare individual meetings to proceed with detailed discussions,” says ITI Group Deputy CFO Alexander Osipov.